Kiko Claus Event
30th December 2021

Oh dear!!! Disaster has struck and Kiko Claus is stuck atop Terror Mountain! Can you help him out and get him back on his way? After all, he did just deliver presents to all of the good Neopians across Neopia!


To get your two Deluxe Kiko Claus Crackers, you need to visit Kiko Claus on Terror Mountain. Once there, he will ask you to find 5 gifts for him.

Click the ''Of course I'll help you Kiko Claus!' button to trigger the event!

If you accidentally click the 'Sorry, I'm more of a Halloween person anyways.' button, you can go back and agree to help him!

The locations are random for everyone, but can be found at these links if you don't want to look:

Krawk Island
Terror Mountain
Haunted Woods

After finding 5 gifts, return to Kiko Claus to claim your prizes!
(Thank you to user Mist for compiling this list of links!)

Cracker Prizes

Each cracker rewards 4 prizes: One Food, one Toy, one Book, and one Petpet.





Work in progress, if you get a gift not listed here, neomail plushies and we'll update our list!