First Day Guide
Updated 9/16/2021

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress! I wanted to get the most up to date info up ASAP with the new wave of applications, but I'm still working on some sections & formatting everything properly. Thanks for your patience! -plushies

Hi! Welcome to Neopets Classic!

Even though neopetsclassic is extremely similar to retail neopets, there are a few key differences that are important to know!

The goal of this guide is to help make navigating your first day in classic neopia a little easier, as well as to outline what features are currently live.

|| Pets || Making Neopoints || Classic VS Retail || NPC Lingo ||

|| Common Glitches || Userscripts || Misc Info || Fun Facts ||


Once you've created your account, it's time to get a neopet!

Besides being the main draw of neopetsclassic (it's in the name, after all!) having an active neopet will allow you to fully participate in various activities across the site.

There are two ways to obtain a neopet:

Create a new pet via Create a Pet, or
adopt an existing pet from the Neopian Pound.

Create a Pet











































(limited edition)

(limited edition)

(limited edition)

(limited edition)

(limited edition)

(limited edition)

(limited edition)

(limited edition)





NOTE: When creating a pet, you can only use alphanumeric characters in ther name:
A-Z, 0-9, _, and - are all valid characters.

Most pets can be created at any time; however:

Limited edition pets can only be created on their respective pet days.
For more information about Pet Days, check out the calendar.

Restricted Pets can currently only be obtained by:

Draik: Hatch a Draik Egg, or use a Morphing Potion on an existing pet.

Grundo: Use a Morphing Potion on an existing pet, or by species change at the Lab Ray.

Krawk: Use a Morphing Potion on an existing pet.

Lutari: Create one on Lutari Day, or by species change at the Lab Ray.

Or if you're interested in getting your hands on a Draik Egg or Morphing Potion, try Restocking one from the neopian shops, or buying one from another player via the Shop Wizard, Auction House, or Trading Post.

Our Item Database is a great place to check which eggs/potions are availible!

The Neopian Pound

The Neopian Pound is where you can adopt, abandon, or transfer neopets.

A newbie tailored guide is in the works, but for now you can check out our Guide for more info!

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Making Neopoints

NOTE: There are currently no games on NPC! The best ways to make neopoints are through the methods outlined below.

Now that you have at least one neopet, you can start earning some neopoints!

The easiest and fastest way to do this as a newbie is by comlpeting jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency using items from your Newbie Pack.

Newbie Pack

Each new user is given a Newbie Pack when they sign up!
To redeem yours, go to your inventory and click the "Get my Newbie Pack" button.

You will receive some variation of the following items in your newbie pack:

Pay special attention to the two Starter Paint Brushes you received. You will have two of the four basic colors: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

These paintbrushes are what you will use to complete your first Jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency.

Faerieland Employment Agency (FEA)

Currently, the FEA is the most reliable way to make neopoints on neopetsclassic.

There are two types of jobs: Basic, and Super.
For this guide, you'll be doing two Basic jobs- one for each starter paint brush!

On the Basic Jobs page, you'll see a table full of active jobs. Click through each page, and try to find a Starter Paint Brush Job with a high payout!

Try to choose jobs for the paint brushes you have that are close to a 12,000 NP base reward.

To start the job, click on the "Apply for this job" text.

Then, click on the "return to this page" link to complete the job.

If you complete the job quickly enough, you'll earn an extra 25% reward on top of the base payout!

If there are no jobs for the paint brushes you have, check back after the jobs refersh- this occurs every 10 minutes, starting at :00 on the hour.

Once you complete your two jobs, you'll be able to do 8 more- each neopian is allowed to complete 10 jobs per day. If done carefully, this can earn you around 100k daily.

If you'd like more in depth info on jobs, check out our jobs guide!


Restocking is another great way to make neopoints, although it does require more patience and practice than doing jobs.

Essentially, you buy items from neopian shops for a low price, and sell them to other users for a higher price! Some items are more lucrative than others; restocking a Plushie Draik Morphing Potion will net you a few million neopoints in profit, but is a harder item to restock. Gourmet foods may only net you a 100k profit, but are more beginner friendly and restock fairly frequently.

A newbie tailored guide is in the works, but for now you can check out our Guide for more info!

Random Events

It is possible to get a random event every 8 minutes! Most events are filler and don't reward neopoints or items. However, if you refresh every 8 minutes, there is always the chance of finding a rare item such as a Paint Brush, Laboratory Map Piece, or a Token. You can sell these items for a hefty profit, depending on what you find!

If you'd like more in depth info on random events, check out our RE Guide

Your Shop

If you restock some items, or find things from REs, you'll need a place to sell them!
In order to do that, you'll want to Open a Shop.

More info to come on this topic!

Dailies, Gambling, Scratch Cards

The least reliable way to make NPs is through doing your dailies, and either scratching or selling your scratchcards. Check out our dailies page for links and more info on what dailies are availible currently.

Scratch cards can always be sold in user shops for a profit- use the shop wizard to help get a gauge on what to price them at!

You also can scratch the cards for a chance at winning neopoints or rare items- though as a newbie, it's most likely best to sell your cards until you can afford to lose NPs gambling ;)

Bank Interest

Now that you've done some jobs, and maybe sold a few items in your shop, you'll want to protect your profits (and grow them!) by keeping your neopoints safe in the National Neopian Bank.

On your first visit, you'll be prompted to create a bank account. Fill out the form, and click "sign me up".

Onec you have a bank account, you can deposit your neopoints to start earning interest! People will commonly wait to collect their interest until they finish their jobs, to maximize how much interest they can collect each day.

Unlike retail neopets, there is currently no limit on how many times you can withdraw neopoints per day!

In fact, it is dangerous to keep out more than you need to comfortably restock- the tax beast is a common random event, and he can take up to 25% of your on-hand neopoints if you're not careful!

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Classic VS Retail

  • Lutari are poundable/transferrable.
  • You can pound multiple pets a day.
  • The economy is a bit different- for example, most basic/cheap color MPs aren't worth restocking unless they're Krawk or Draik.
  • You can change your account/pet's name with a Name Change Token, get more pet slots with a Pet Token, or expand your inventory with an Inventory Token. Check the Token Guide for more info!
  • You can withdraw NPs from the bank as many times as you want per day.
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    NPC Lingo

  • RS - Restock(ing)
  • RE - Random Event
  • Rain - Lots of good REs
  • NPC - Neopets Classic
  • Retail - Regular Neopets
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    Common Glitches

  • If you're missing menus or otherwise are having trouble accessing parts of the site, visit this link.
  • If maps aren't loading for you, try switching to HTML from HTML5
  • Some places on maps do not work - These areas are not yet active.
  • If your active pet ever gets set to none, go to your Quick Ref page to set an active pet.
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    An in-depth tutorial on how to install and use userscripts is in the works!

    For now, please check out the Discord for a collection of scripts made by the community to enhance the NPC experience :)

    Popular scripts currently include:

  • mandanarchi's "All in One Sidebar". Has dailies links/timers, kad timers, shop links, and more!
  • plushies' "NPC Search Helper". Adds quick search links under item thumbnails on various parts of the site.
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    Misc Info

  • Edit User info by going to help > my profile
  • Account limit is 1 main, 4 sides.
    NOTE: Some older users may have more than 5 accounts from before this limit was implemented- noah has allowed these users to keep their extras, as long as they're not cheating!
  • You CANNOT use sides to do any activities that earn NPS
  • Healing Springs and Omelette can be used on sides ONLY to feed pets
  • You CAN freely transfer items from your Main to sides
  • Only large RE wins can be transferred from your sides back to your main (not dailies, like omelettes and jellies)

  • Noah has extensive logs and will be able to see if you're doing this more than a normal amount!!
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    Fun Facts

    Unique Pets

    Detailed explanations about pets with items for petpets & special character names are coming soon!

    TLDR; they are no longer availible and were grandfathered in, but you can still obtain one by trading with another player!

    NPC's First Plot

    NPC Just concluded it's first plot- The Tiki Tack Man's Tiki Trap! Click here to check out our step by step guide, as the next plot will be a continuation of this one's storyline!

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    Anything Else?

    Jellyclassic has tons of resources to help you get started. If you have any other questions please head over to the Discord and ask. We're all so excited to have new people coming in!!

    -Mousekat & plushies

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